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About Tailwag Basset Hound Breeders

Hello, we're Tailwag Basset Hound!

Welcome, Tailwag basset hound breeders. Our family is a very loving family, along with my wife, there are our two children. We have been breeding AKC registered basset hound puppies for many years now. Every adult basset hound is CH-pedigreed and AKC-registered. We adore our dogs and their puppies

Our dedication to the well-being and quality of our basset hounds is evident in every aspect of our breeding process. From carefully selecting parentage to providing a nurturing environment for our puppies, we prioritize their health, temperament, and conformation.

At Tailwag Basset Hound Breeders, we believe in transparency and integrity. We strive to maintain open communication with our clients, offering support and guidance throughout their journey with their new furry family member.

Whether you’re seeking a loyal companion, a show dog, or a beloved family pet, we take pride in matching each puppy with the perfect home. Thank you for considering Tailwag Basset Hound Breeders for your next four-legged addition to your family.

Working with the dogs and spending time together as a family occupy most of our time. Being a family-owned business, our goal is to match wonderful people with wonderful new basset hounds here at tailwag basset hound breeders.

How Tailwag basset hound breeders Work

Here at Tailwag basset hound breeders. We adore and enjoy basset hounds and we focus on each breeding to produce excellent, healthy and sound basset hounds puppies as family companions as well as prospects for show, agility, sledding, and obedience. When you see our basset hound, you see a basset hound with the temperament and beauty that a well-bred basset hound should have. My basset hound pups are my closest companions. They are always given the best care and loving attention.

My basset hound puppies have all been vaccinated and dewormed. Vaccinations are given at five, seven, nine, and twelve weeks of age. To ensure optimal coverage, only the best vaccines are used, with no corners cut.

To reserve your new basset hound puppy, we will require a deposit. The remaining balance of money must be paid in full by 7 weeks of age. Your puppy will be ready for pickup at 8 weeks old. Before shipment, shipping fees must be paid.

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What Our Clients are Saying?

I’m grateful to all of the new basset hound owners who have contacted me with testimonials and pictures. I enjoy reading about your puppy updates.

They are born and raised in our home, not in a kennel. Our adult bassets are full-time house dogs with access to our huge, fenced backyard. They spend their days playing in kiddie pools and chasing each other around the yard, then snoozing in the sunshine! Our puppies are all spoiled from the moment of their birth on, and we will be very picky about the homes they join! We want our babies in families, not in kennels or breeding only homes. Expect lots of questions from me.

“Hi, I just wanted to let you know how Max is doing! He is perfectly healthy and an absolute angel for the veterinarians, having just returned from their visit! He is very loving and kind. His siblings, the dogs and cats, love him. He’s loved and adored by everyone around him, and he’s even picking up new tricks! I sincerely appreciate you letting me welcome him into our family.”

basset hound breeders

Ryan kichler

Mesa, AZ

“Hi, I just wanted to say hi and let you know how great Makena is doing. She is the most wonderful little dog we have ever had, and she is also the cutest little girl. She can sit and retrieve, and she has already become housebroken (with only one incident). She is so amazing that we are considering having another one.”

basset hound breeders

Jalen M Britton

San Jose, CA

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Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at any time.

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